Company Structure and Profile

Company Profile

The wholesale agricultural and food market "Targpiast" is one of the main sources of supplying Wrocław and Lower Silesia with food, especially fresh domestic and imported fruits and vegetables. It serves as a direct market for both food producers, intermediaries, and buyers. Fresh fruits and vegetables come to our market from all over Poland and nearly the entire world.

This is significant because the soil structure and terrain of Lower Silesia make local agricultural production insufficient to meet the needs of the region's residents. All traditional grocery stores, vegetable stands, local markets, catering companies, restaurants, canteens, hospitals, schools, and chain stores from Wrocław, Lower Silesia, and Opole region source their supplies from Targpiast. During peak seasons, our offerings are also utilized by traders from coastal regions. Large quantities of goods from our market regularly find their way to the Czech Republic.

For small businesses, the market also serves a unique warehousing function. Due to its significant, locational, and temporal accessibility, merchants can make purchases several times a day or week, maintaining the freshness and diversity of their offerings without incurring warehousing costs.

Market Structure

The market operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It is serviced by a team of several dozen employees from the company, including ticket sellers, security personnel, technical crews, cleaning staff, office workers, and management. The square is monitored and equipped with electronic entry systems, as well as constant supervision and sanitary-epidemiological control.

Customers have access to modern sanitary facilities and 24-hour gastronomic services, as well as parking spaces. The market area is divided into sectors: agricultural, citrus, general groceries, and fresh produce. Trade takes place in 8 halls and 40 pavilions with a total area of 20,000 m², as well as on car trade stands.